About The Birds

These birds are carved from one piece of wood. The feathers are split along the grain, and fanned out to create the wings. 

I started a goal of creating 100 wooden bird sculptures in January of 2022. Many birds are made, but not all are "minted" into the list.

Why make 100?   If folding 1000 paper cranes grants the maker a wish, surely carving 1oo birds would too. 

About Me

My name is Jimmy Lewis, I'm an artist in my 20's. 

I started woodworking in high school, using the tools my dad used to build our house. Woodworking became my way of expressing myself at that time. Today, I still work mostly in wood. However, as a small kid I drew. There was a time where I shelved that part of me. Instead I enjoyed playing piano. Today I don't play much piano. 

Today I am  a screen printer, sculptor, and a woodcarver. 

Working on a pilot gig at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum (2018).

At the NCSU Crafts Center Making a larger than normal die (2022)